The Tumblr app sucks

My initial thoughts:


I decided to quickly make a tumblr account. This is currently impossible, as tumblr prevents accounts from being created quickly.


When you go to create an account on the app, they make you pick 5 tags to follow. The interface for choosing tags is fine: there is a search bar with a drop-down list of all used tags matching what you type in the bar.

This is very sensible and straightforward. In fact I would have not even noticed this piece of canonical design, were it not for…

the initial blog picker

dun dun DAAAAA!

They only make you follow 3 blogs. But those 3 can only be chosen from:

  1. a small list related to your largest selected tag
  2. Ten of the trending topics this week/month/timeunit

I don’t like trends, so number 2 is out.

My largest selected tag was “#linux”, and most everything on there looked fairly mediocre in terms of journalistic passion. I shan’t point fingers - but suffice to say the listicles have a stranglehold through sheer output.

Finally I selected the most bearable looking ones.