Dream Log

Following similar methodology to https://youtu.be/Wh9I-1UXY-s – will hopefully have something juicy for y'all.

2022-11-17 11:05 pm

Wrote above header. It's late and i just had a Dew. Wish me luck!

2022-11-18 6:40 am

I just woke up. I dreamt that Mom and Dad and I were going on a trip up North and had stopped at some store near Palmer for supplies. We split the checkout with most on dad's side and a few larger items on mom's side. such as bulk cereal. The cashier gave up halfway through and said she couldn't do anymore. I got mad and all I could do was rage in my head. I grabbed a bit of a pre-baked pie that was half checked out, and crammed it in my mouth. the cashier went a storey down to a kind of church/chapel nave, with pews. She sat at the front and I sat several rows behind her. I was still chewing. my mouth was dry from the pie crust. it wasn't a very good pie. Finally she got up and so did I. I shouted at her back, "you are lazy". I rejoined mom and dad who stopped at the front desk. Mom asked if a door behind them was a bathroom. they said "it's private". we left. As we got into a vehicle I raged "let's stay at a hotel out here and come back tomorrow, first thing. I know, let's stay at Dad's!". Slow montage of living in Dad's house. it's the color and position of his but layout of Marguerite's. Fast forward. We're all at a fancy dinner in a large Costco-style room above the store. there's a really long table with a white tablecloth, and I am facing south hanging off the edge of it. across from me, also on the edge, is a vague female relative. I can't recall or place her. nobody I know, overweight but not like the church ladies, and wearing a t-shirt with Japanese on it. the second symbol on the second line was と. or maybe を. I think it was と tho. we were talking over salad and the tablecloth kept getting pulled away from our end. it wasn't covering the end of the table. it was clearly a bunch of those cheap gray collapsible tables pushed together. We spoke about family. we spoke about morals. we spoke about the previous incident with the cashier. that same cashier was now dressed as a maid and refilling everyone's water. a narrator explained that despite getting off to such a Rocky start, mom and the cashier were now on very good terms. the niece in front of me kept saying to read her shirt, or that I should learn Japanese more so I could, and that it was a clue. she said that Mom might not be the oen to follow or protect. like it was a conspiracy theory that she could only tell me tiny pieces of until I found out. I felt a little bit betrayed by this, but kind of relieved that someone else had doubts about Mom. Just then the original cashier came and refilled our waters.

That's all I got. Don't remember how I woke up. my throat hurts, I want water, and I should pee.

Good morning.

2022-11-19 4:08 am

a couple just now.

first: we're at st Theresa's camp or similar. Somebody had been dying or there was a curse. we were halfway down the hill to the lake and there was a shed. The ghost who was killing people inhabited one of us, a girl, but it was a guy who ended up dealing a blow. he went crazy but almost had motivation. I forgot most of this one, sorry.


I'm getting to school early, except it's not school it's my apartment building. I drive to my parking space and idle. it's 6:30 am which is way too early. my seat is pushed way far forward and it's like the car doesn't have a front. as I'm pulling in I see my Jr high science teacher Mr W going down some stairs that don't exist irl. I get out of the car, open the back, and take out something large that's on a coat hanger. I can't use both legs to walk for some reason, so I bend one and step on my heel and bounce like a dufflepud down the parking lot to class. Mr W gives me a look like he notices but doesn't say anything.


Tupperware Rubbermaid Tupperware containers

2022-11-20 3:13 am

A cat. a smallish black cat. in the beginning, I rescued it from some place. I set t up at my apartment with a bowl of water and nothing else and forgot about it. Many other things happened. I was startled by the cat right at the end.

2022-11-20 5:55 am

Just had one based on a bit from Transformers Energon. A boy and science man are in a spaceship in space. they are near the moon or something and have sent a probe down and are getting a live feed from it. they start to make contact with something unknown when! explosion. signal lost. all screens read "no signal" for a few moments. when everything is on again, they're crashing into Idaho. except there's no atmosphere burning. they land straight onto a highway. somehow science man makes contact with mission control and they start guiding him. the ship crashes straight through a highway but phases through onto another highway below. the camera then acts like a racing game on this road for a while. it's winter. finally the scientists figure out how to phase back and we scream "mental health" as we go off s ramp and land in the snow next to a big yellow excavator.

2022-11-21 5:52 am

I and a couple of friends are going to this test or study session or something. it's a convention center that is made out of wood like our old kitchen. also everything is a bit too big. I joke, "what is this, a building for giants?" but everyone laughs me off. Our classroom is an internal balcony on the second floor. there's a rope or dumbwaiter to climb, which we do. at one point, after finishing the work, I pretend to be asleep at the desk and gradually slump to the floor.

2022-11-25 7:59 am

There's an airport where they have a big old water slide. but the airport is a weird layout and half of it is only accessible by going through a tiny gift shop. They also havd a tiny swimming pool, and if you ask anyone they will only tell you about that one. I've had dreams about this before. So I was in this airport, and I had some time on my hands, and I was with my old classmate M N. She didn't quite understand what I was saying, nor believed me, so I had to show her. I just had to. we wandered around that airport for hours, for days, and finally I found it. we found it. the beginning of the giant water slide. and it was awesome. we must have gone down it 5 times. then the dream changed. still in the airport, but my companion was gone. there was a tension between the staff of a certain department and everyone else who worked there. like they were guilty of some unacceptable thing. through a bit of prying I discovered that they had tried to escape from the airport, and were being held there against their will. not quite in a chattel way, more of a wage slavery. I digress. they had all these secret hiding spots under conveyor belts and the water slide, and my old benefactor G C was apparently helping them with keys. he had a political immunity in the whole matter. so I'm living in this airport for basically ever, sympathizing with the oppressed workers.

another one:

I go to the church parking lot. it's late midday and there's light to see. I park but don't go in. the elderly woman C W texts me something and I churn out a baby. and then a few more as proof of concept. there's a discussion with my high school teacher Miss M about whether I should pass on my spice tolerance gene. she seems to think I shouldn't, but I don't understand. everyone should have spice tolerance.

Las tonr

I'm sitting in a chair facing west. in front of me is a desk with probably a computer. a voice says, "you'll never improve this way. sitting down makes your arms weak." I just say, I know. and I need to make a change.

then I woke up and it was mostly now.

2022-11-26 7:31 am

Saul Goodman was caught by us and we used him to give a presentation on life. It was a really good one. also for some reason my wife/gf had been de-aged and was embarrassed about it.

2022-12-01 6:47 am

it's star wars. I'm with a few other people from earth. we have a blaster. a guy uses a spacebridge for the first time and is shocked at how far away the nearest planet is. the info graphic explains that a planet like this can originate intelligent life. as the camera zooms in, it becomes clear that this planet is Earth. now somehow we're on this earth. I take a few shots with the blaster and then we're out of power and it starts snowing. one of the people with me is the YouTuber Mother's Basement, and he mentions how last time this happened his video had no chance because nobody was on their computers.

2022-12-09 7:57 am

  1. Jonas and I were on the top of a hill-mountain and pushed a Lynden plane off. it somehow got going so Jonas got certified to fly the twin bonanza. we were at some airport and people we knew kept walking in so it was awkward.
  2. Linus Tech Tips puts out an hour long video on Transformers G1. it's one of those alternate timelines with random adult stuff - Ultra Magnus is a pervert, etc. he becomes king and goes insane. when the Matrix is taken from him he goes back to normal though.
  3. turning over is something that takes 3 tries.

2022-12-15 7:32 am

I go to a sort of mall complex that has old stairs to the left of New stairs. there's a restaurant. it's sort of Italian, but they serve Arby's over saturated lemonade. I've been here before and this time I'm in a hurry. I look around for a while and finally order the same thing as last time, a cheesy pasta dish with strawberry lemonade no ice. I'm sitting at the head of a short-ish table. I recall that last time, I had been attempting to write an Emacs package to automate ordering from their menu using hyperbole. I could see my computer monitors in front of me for some reason. all of a sudden Jacinta is there sitting to my right pointing at the screen. she asks if I could write a script to go to Admiral Holdo's reddit and say something dumb, since she hates that character. I said probably I could but it wouldn't be a good idea to harass the actress as she had just been playing a part and doing the best she could with garbage writing. I started to compare with Adam Driver's Kylo Ren and how everything thought he was a fantastic character despite being so inconsistent. I started waking up.